Continuous Training

Continuous Training

Our security and compliance department stays current with evolving legislation and regulation affecting the road transportation. Our objective is to sustain and upgrade our employees’ skill sets in order to provide truly secure transportation services. In the interests of optimal security, we require our personnel to take part in our continuous training program.

Courses and training programs:

Transportation of hazardous materials

This training program is designed to inform drivers of legal objectives and requirements with respect to the transportation of hazardous materials and how to comply with established standards.

Hours of service (Canada and the United States)

This training program is designed to raise driver awareness of the need to respect the prescribed maximum number of service and driving hours in accordance with the law in order to prevent fatigue from compromising safety and security.

Pre and post trip inspection

The purpose of this training course is to keep mechanically unsound vehicles off the road. The course is also designed to notify participants of the stages to be observed to ensure the compliance of vehicles operating for Les Services JAG Inc.

Cargo securement standards

This training program is designed to instruct drivers on the various types of load securement devices, their resistance in terms of load rating, and requirements with respect to the use of load securement devices in terms of cargo type.

Task-specific training

We also offer specialty training options in response to our business partners’ specific requirements.

Chief driver (Trainer)

All new drivers must take a road test with our trainer to evaluate their level of ability with heavyweight vehicles. Our trainer intensively monitors all of our drivers in order to provide our clients with a highly qualified workforce.